Title: Skid Row (Downtown)
Artist: Michelle Weeks, Tichina Arnold, and Tisha Campbell - Ellen Greene and Rick Moranis - Chorus
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Michelle Weeks, Tichina Arnold, Tisha Campbell, Ellen Greene, Rick Moranis, Chorus - Skid Row (Downtown)

From the album Little Shop Of Horrors - Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Title: Adele vs. Daft Punk - Something About The Fire
Artist: carlos serrano (mix)
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INTP Traits - “The Thinkers”


Positive Traits:

  • Extremely imaginative, creative and ingenious
  • Tend to be highly intelligent
  • Observant
  • Generally laid-back and easy-going
  • Usually go-getters
  • The love and affection they feel for those close to them is often childlike in its purity
  • Enthusiastic in their approach to things that interest them
  • Not personally threatened by conflict or criticism
  • Not demanding, have simple needs
  • Interested in how things can be improved or what they can be turned into
  • Great at analyzing problems, identifying patterns, and coming up with logical explanations/solutions
  • Live primarily inside their minds
  • Always seeking a higher understanding
  • Value knowledge above all else
  • Minds are constantly active, working to generate new theories or disprove existing ones
  • Are questioning and skeptical of existing “rules” and popular opinions and define their own approaches
  • Analytical, objective and theoretical
  • Love new ideas and theories and discussing concepts with others
  • Have no desire to control others
  • Very tolerant and flexible in most situations
  • Have firmly held beliefs that they with staunchly stand up for
  • Can be very shy when meeting new people, but are usually gregarious and confident around those they know well
  • Base decisions on logic and objectivity
  • Value the succinct, correct expression of ideas and facts
  • Will not tailor what they believe to be the truth while expressing it to others
  • Independent, unconventional and original
  • Often brave and pioneering
  • Unlikely to strive for traditional goals such as popularity or security
  • Usually complex individuals

Negative Traits:

  • Can be restless and temperamental
  • Can be scatterbrained, disorganized, absent-minded
  • May seem dreamy and distant to others because of how much time they spend in their heads
  • Not naturally in tune with the feelings of others – can be slow to respond to emotional needs
  • Not naturally good at expressing their feelings
  • Tendency to be suspicious and distrusting of others
  • Not naturally good with practical, day-to-day matters
  • Tendency to have difficulty leaving unhealthy relationships
  • Tend to either ignore conflict situations or blow up in heated anger in response to them
  • Hate working on routine tasks
  • May be prone towards social rebellion
  • May be prone to feelings of over self-importance
  • May become overly critical, sarcastic and cynical
  • May need to work on expressing their well-developed theories in a way that is understandable to others


Feeling down? Have some encouraging words from the one and only Ryan Haywood.

Posting this finally because I know that someone is going to need this as much as I needed it. 

((the blackened out stuff is personal))

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Artist: Ryan Haywood (ft. Achievement Hunter)
Played: 3196 times


Ryan the wiggle guy [x]

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Title: Electric Feel
Artist: MGMT
Played: 165545 times

voltage running through her skin
standing there with nothing on

bunnykhop asked: Is it ok if I ask this, why cry? I mean, he's cool and all that jazz but, he is so weird. And you seem like you have a good head on your shoulders but, you... WAIT, is it cause he's so weird? If that's the case then sorry to have bothered you. I'm bad