Crywolf - The Moon is Falling Down

Here’s something really good from a producer I’d never heard of before

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Anonymous asked: Do you ever plan on actually meeting Cry? And if so, would you be nervous, or would you think of it being the same thing as Skyping/Msging with him? :)

He owes me multiple dinners and dates and I plan on collecting. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Anonymous asked: How long have you been playing the piano?

I’ve played it ever since I was little. I had multiple keyboards growing up~
But only actually been playing it for a reason for the past 4 years.

Not amazing at it, though. I’m decent and I can play by ear and improvise pretty well (thanks to only ever playing piano for Jazz) but yeah!

So, for really playing piano I’d tell you only about 6 years.

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Anonymous asked: High-five fellow Las Vegan!

Yooooooooooo. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

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Anonymous asked: Can you talk german and italian? because you said once that your mother is of italian and german descent c: (omg i'm sorry if i can't really talk english, i live in germany and i'm italian thats why :D)

I was asked this again too, I think! So other anon, here you go as well!

I cannot. From what I know my mother didn’t know any Italian or German. Her mother spoke Italian, but she never taught it to my mom apparently. I can’t even speak Spanish!

English is my only language.

I have learned a little bit of French! Like, put a French children’s book in front of me and I can probably read it!~

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Anonymous asked: Yo, everyone "geeks out" on cry. That's why we subscribed on Youtube. Don't feel special, about 2,000,000 people do this as well.

Oh, quit being such a no-fun-haver. Stop whining over things I didn’t even imply.

Anonymous asked: Hi :) Just wondering what you first thought of Cry when you discovered his channel. Thanks and you two keep being cute :3

Oh man. What did I first think? Gosh, that was like three and a half years ago?? Coming up on 4 years in September(?? I think September. Is that when Amnesia happened??)

Well, I thought he was funny. (Still do.) I thought he was a little odd because of the way he spoke, but I liked it. (Again, still do.) He was interesting!!

(((Don’t tell him, but I geeked out over him for a while. I watched every video of his. He was entertaining! He still is.)))

So, yeah !! :3

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Friends are peer pressuring me into getting into Magic.

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