banozac asked: You're the only one in the crew blogging properly and you get many many bonus points for this and become cooler than at least 50% of them.

But just as long as I’m cooler than Cry.


Ryan being a darling [x]

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Anonymous asked: MCR Yes or no? ~btw you and Cry are fuckin' cuties~

I like MCR!!
I am more fond of their older stuff, though.

And thanks(^∇^)


Playing the Piano - Albert Edelfelt

Anonymous asked: Why aren't you on the stream for more than wind-down? I'm asleep way before then :[

Ummm, well, a few reasons:

  • That’s just how it’s always been (I’ve been there for an entire stream probably twice)
  • I don’t play the games they play unless they’re on console (I only have a laptop and it doesn’t run that many games)
  • So, essentially, I have like nothing to contribute (this is true even during wind down) because back then I actually did something but now not so much y’know
So, yeah.

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cookies-and-caches asked: Is it weird explaining to friends and family about being on a stream with thousands of people watching?

I’ve never really actually had to explain to anyone about it.
Aside from my best friend who I told two years ago when I first joined the crew.

There have, however, been a few friends who found out. Though, it wasn’t weird or anything, it was more like “Yeah I do this thing.” “Oh, okay cool.”

And none of my family knows or would care anyway.

(Though having to explain my rapid increase in twitter followers was explained to a few of my friends)

Title: Screaming Bloody Murder
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Screaming Bloody Murder l Sum 41



Cheyenne, wtf are u doing

you wanna fight