fashi0n-united asked: "don't be a rude stinky butt". says the person who always is.

Title: Buzzcut Season (Layered)
Artist: Lorde
Played: 129945 times


Buzzcut Season by Lorde // This is layered so that the right ear plays before the left to make a round.


Anonymous asked: Do you ever sometimes wish you didn't go public with your and Cry's relationship?

There were a lot of nights when I thought we made a mistake. Nights where I was crying and upset over the ridicule and judgement. Nights where there was stress put on our relationship because I was depressed.

But it all passed. I don’t feel that way any more. Nothing is more important to me than him and those times where I was thinking that any other person’s opinion had value have all gone.
I love knowing that people know he’s mine. And that people know I’m his.
It’s great and I wouldn’t change it!

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"Would you say I became a hero?" 

Title: Tessellate (Alt J Cover)
Artist: Mumford & Sons
Played: 959 times


Day 24 - A cover song

Mumford and Sons - Tessellate (alt J cover)

Anonymous asked: *goes on anon to call you a bitch*


Anonymous asked: I don't really like you. I know it's childish to come out of my way to write this message to you, and no it's not because i'm jealous of you and cry, you two are cute. It's because you're rude. Frankly you have a bitchy personality, but hey so do I. There's no real point to this, just had to get it off my chest.


I don’t give a shit.

claind asked: How much do you like Ryan Haywood? Also, how do you feel about Gavin Free?

I adore Ryan! He’s among my favorite RT staff.

And I do really like Gavin, and I knew about Gavin way before any of the other lads, but Ray is definitely my favorite lad.

Or well, I’m more invested into Ray than Michael or Gavin. 

lizardizzle asked: What's your opinion of Adventure Time?