Someday I’ll be able to hear everything. Every voice. Every heartbeat. Every problem, everywhere on the planet… And I do what I can. But I know it’s never enough. Every time I turn a corner, I hear ten new crisis… I don’t know if any of this makes sense. I just fumble through, trying to do the right thing in each tiny moment… And try not to think about the billions of other people I can’t hear.

The iPhone Cult

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Silent Hill (PS1, 1999)

That picture is still on my dresser mirror. I can see it right now.


she’s right tho


i will not stand for this CYBERBULLYING

Title: I Can Feel A Hot One
Artist: Manchester Orchestra
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And I realized that then you were perfect,

And my teeth ripping out of my head,

And it looked like a painting I once knew,

Back when my thoughts weren’t entirely intact


My friend and I were talking about Cry and Kigurumis and the first thing that came to mind was Cheyenne/ daaes in a Cry Kigurumi 

that sounds cute as fuuuuuuuuck

Anonymous asked: Have you and cry ever thought about/ talked about marriage?

Yes. And we agreed that msf-actual will be hired to play Keyboard Cat when we walk off the aisle.

Because, obvious reasons.

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everyone seemed to like my wesker text posts so why not share the love?

resident evil text posts pt. 1/?

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